Tuesday, January 3, 2012

What a ridiculous morning!

By "ridiculous" I mean "I should've just stayed home or, better yet, in bed because the day went downhill shortly after my feet hit the floor..."

Today marked the first day back to reality for us. Rob went back to work, school's back in session, and all of our day-to-day activities started up again. On Tuesdays we attend a play group at the local Lutheran church. The kids love the toys, crafts, music, and of course, snacks! I love the adult company and chat sessions with other stay-at-home moms. Getting the kids out of the house on time is always an adventure but even moreso today because we were out of whack having been away on Christmas break for 11 days. Plus it was COLD. No, seriously. Cold like I didn't think existed in Kentucky. I mean, didn't we move south?? As I walked outside to start up the van, I felt the chill sting my face and my hair froze on impact. Fortunately, we own snowsuits from living in the Northeast so at least the children were warm. But oh how I wish I owned adult ski pants!

Patting myself on the back because we arrived on time, my smile quickly turned to a frown to discover zero cars in the parking lot. Um...ok...really? My name and contact information are on the playgroup's list. No phone call letting me know the group was cancelled today? No email? Not even a quick text? Geez, all the morning hustle and bustle was for nothing. Plus, any parent knows how *wonderful* it feels to have to explain to young children why were are not in fact going where we said we were going.

I was not about to just turn around and go home. I mean, we were dressed, up, and out early. There must be something productive we could take care of, right? Ah....my driver's license! Yes, that's it! I was supposed to get a Kentucky license months ago. I had no idea a person had only 10 days after moving to switch licenses. Rob and I honestly thought we could wait until the NJ ones expired and then visit the DMV. Nope, not the case. Also, there is no DMV here; everything is done at the courthouse. So off we went...

We arrived at the courthouse right when they opened to find a line of people literally wrapped around the place. What the heck??? Oh wait, the office had been closed for the past 5 days. That would explain it. Well, I was there and had already gotten the kids unbuckled, stroller out, etc, so in we went. Because this was not a planned outing, I didn't have the usual entertainment items. I had a few Matchbox trucks and some rice cakes but I knew judging from the line that those were not going to cut it. The kids would become restless soon enough. Luckily the people in line around us got a kick out of the kids throwing pieces of rice cake at each other and laughing about it. Sorry for the mess, Courthouse Staff, but at least the kids weren't screaming.

What seemed like HOURS passed but we were eventually called to the desk. Wait, what do you mean I need 456 pieces of official documentation? Aren't the 234 that I have with me enough??? Ugh. She must be a mother, though, because she said she'd let a few things slide because I had trekked all the way there in the freezing cold with the kids just to get this done. I was ready to slip her some cash for her troubles! Finally, I would get this crazy license and be done with it!

I filled out at least ten pieces of paper while pushing David in the stroller with one hand and playing tickle games with Bobby in the other (after all, all mothers have 3 hands). The lady busily transferred all of my information from paper to computer and then, out of nowhere on a bright and sunny albeit chilly day, the POWER WENT OUT! What????! NO!!!!!!! You have GOT to be kidding me. Everything was lost. Everything. You can imagine my total and utter joy. The kids were definitely not going to wait around while I repeated the entire process again.

So we left.

And I still have a New Jersey license.

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