Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Kids Grow (They Sure Do)

It's interesting to see dynamics in a household change and, of course, I cannot simply sit back and enjoy it (but really, I do). No, I need to delve into it with excess scrutiny...maybe.

In the past few weeks, our younger has learned to walk. He started slowly, but quickly found his legs and now rarely ever crawls. It feels like it happened overnight to Chanel and I. The trouble is, he didn't stop at walking and right away started trying to run. Running is a needed skill if he wants to keep up with his older brother. Needless to say, he's been bumped, bruised, even cut with one of his falls. The best thing, though, is seeing him get back up each time he stumbles, determined to go the distance he intended...unless Mom gets to him first.

At the same time, I've seen a change in behavior of our older boy. He strikes me as being less whiny, less needy, over all more mature. Maybe it's his attending pre-school twice a week that's bringing on the growth. Maybe it's all the playgroups and activities Chanel takes them to during the week and meeting and playing with a variety of people. Maybe it's just that he's reached the "age" that ends one phase of life and begins another (it is nice to think the terrible 2's/tortuous 3's might be over). I like to think that he and his little brother are learning from each other, though.

There are direct lessons (as those typically learned by the younger from the older) and there are indirect lessons (often the reverse). Those indirect life lessons are important; even at this early stage, 3 year-olds are already learning the golden rules of society without even being told them explicitly.

Having kids, in a way, could serve as a refresher course for the parents.

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