Thursday, October 13, 2011

A Brilliant Video

Once in a while a twist on an old argument is made so skillfully, you have to sit back and be impressed by it. The fact that Chanel and I both agree on this subject very strongly makes it almost essential that we post it up here (even though as of this writing she hasn't sat down to watch it).

The only potential counterpoint I see that some people could raise against this video is to make a claim that it's only interested in a shock value with the comparisons it makes. Maybe so, but an open mind can realize that sometimes a shocking statement isn't just shocking; sometimes it's also true.

I'll tell you up front (ok, this isn't exactly "above the fold" down here), if you're not interested in history, the first 13 minutes might be tough to get through but at least it'll be educational. I encourage you, still, to watch through to the end if for no other reason but to share with me your opinions about the realism of people changing their minds.

Interestingly, I saw what direction this documentary was going to go partly because I made a similar comparison between the subject matter and slavery while talking among engineering students waiting for a classroom to be opened up. Come to think of it, at least one said he'd get back to me with his response...

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