Wednesday, September 7, 2011

In Conclusion...?

I heard this song on the radio coming home from work recently. I am so glad I didn't have to hear it during my own job search.

Chanel has been writing about our new life out here in Kentucky and it truly has taken the form of a renewal. Dare I say, we've walked through that valley of our life and emerged on the other side intact. It has been quite the learning experience.

Living here, away from what most of our friends accept as "civilization," has given us a chance to reflect on our previous life and see the northeast through a strange prism that must be hovering over the Appalachians somewhere. What were people saying about moving away? It all seems so trivial at this point.

"What's there to *do* there? I mean, besides cow tipping" All sorts of community activities, fairs, parks, playgrounds for the kids, bars and restaurants for the adults. Bingo is no more or less exciting to my mind than sitting at a slot machine or roulette wheel for hours, but if you'd prefer such entertainment, Metropolis has casinos about an hour away. Need a beach? Head to the lakes. Want to hike? Go to the land between them.

"You don't make the same amount of money when you live outside the urban areas." Right. Personally, I make more. The operators I work with make more than operators I've worked with in the past. People who don't work at my company typically have a house, a boat, and seemingly want for little. I look around and I see people living, as opposed to being trapped with a mortgage too large and a paycheck too small like back east.

It just seems to me that there are a lot of people hurting in this country and it seems like everyone is expecting a job to come back locally. It may not be the case, and if it does, being in a populated area means plenty of competition. As we put this chapter of our life behind us and start the next one, I look back on this blog and the posts over the last several months and hope that we have been helpful to other people in making for their family a similar decision with which they may have been pressed.

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