Wednesday, August 10, 2011

"Mama, was I adopted?"

I swear one day my youngest will ask if he was adopted. And you know what? He'll have good reason for asking! My oldest has the same medium brown hair and hazel eyes as my husband and I and similar personality characteristics to us as well. My youngest...not so much. In the past whenever people told me their kids were like night and day, I used to chuckle but it never really meant anything until I had my two boys. Night and day....such an understatement!!!! I honestly think the only commonality between my sons is their Y chromosome.

Let's see....


-dark hair, dark eyes -blonde hair, blue eyes
-creamy olive complexion -extremely fair complexion
-slow to warm up -jumps excitedly into situations
-cautious and careful -no fear
-serious demeanor -always smiling
-hugs but then enough is enough -can't get enough snuggling
-sleeps well -requires very little sleep
-eats well but has his preferences -will eat anything
-doesn't mind playing alone at times -always looking for company
-thrives on routine -doesn't seem to mind change
-is embarrassed by too much attention -completely hams it up

They are still very young but I've heard over and over that the personality you are born with sticks with you into adulthood. I'm sure my kids will find this blog entry someday and have a good laugh but for now, only time will tell. :)

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