Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Unraveling The Plan

Today marks 2 months that we have been in Kentucky. In addition to being two of the hottest months of my entire life, they have also been two of the most productive. Moving with two small children in the middle of a very hot and humid summer might be enough to cause some parents to lock themselves indoors and wait it out until fall. While that thought DID cross my mind, oh, a few thousand times, I was determined to get out, meet people, and make the best of our new life here. People back home keep asking how long it'll be until we move back to NJ. Want the honest answer? I have no idea. And it's because of that that I need to work my hardest to acclimate myself and the kids to our new house in our new town. If this were a temporary move in our minds, how much effort would we really put into trying to find our way around? We'd simply be counting down the days until we return to NJ. I refuse to live like that. So it is what it is, whatever that is.

We've managed to accomplish a few things in the 2 months we've been here. Bobby is becoming more and more comfortable at preschool as the weeks go by. He's going twice a week for 3.5 hours and it seems to the perfect fit for him. He's taken a "matter-of-fact" attitude with the whole process, which suits his nature. In his mind, he's 3-years-old and that means it's time to go to school! No questions, no objections...the transition has been so much smoother than I ever imagined and for that, I'm truly grateful.

Rob and I have become involved in our new parish, St. Leo. He is a 2nd degree Knight, hoping to go all the way to 4th degree in the near future. He helps out at the Knights' sponsored Bingo tournament every Tuesday as well as odd projects that come up here or there. I have to say, Rob seems much more social at this church than he did at our old church in NJ. :) I have signed up to become a lector and I'm also taking part in a bible study on Sunday afternoons. We are starting to become recognizable to other parishioners and it's so sweet when they make a point to stop us after mass just to chat.

We've signed up at the local gym and enrolled Bobby in an hour-long tumbling class on Thursdays. If we swing it right, one of us can stay with David (while watching Bobby in class) while the other can work out for 30 minutes on the machines. Then we switch. With our membership comes aerobic classes (Zumba for me!), tanning (like we'd ever need that with such intense heat here), and a large room full of inflatibles called The Fun Factory. We're thinking of having Bobby's next birthday there and the kids can run, jump, climb, play, and laugh themselves silly. This gym really has it all.

Rob is feeling so much more satisfied and appreciated at this new job than at any previously held job in NJ. He wakes up in the morning without 30 slams to the alarm clock (which is a huge improvement). He comes home with enough energy left to toss the kids up in the air before dinner. His entire demeanor has changed. I adore my husband and seeing him this happy is contagious.

I've been meeting other moms at various parks, pools, and indoor play areas and I've exchanged numbers with a few. I've said it in previous entries but I'm simply flabbergasted at how friendly everyone is here. I'm amazed that they take the time to sit down and have a lengthy conversation with me. They pay attention and actually listen. What a breath of fresh air when compared the hustle and bustle, high-speed, blood pressure-through-the-roof, text-me-'cause-I-can't-talk-now lifestyle of the East Coast. The fact that they take the time to get to know me and want to help me learn the area makes me feel like I'm a person worthy of others' time, energy, and respect. Can't say I've felt that a whole lot in my lifetime.

So all in all, I can only conclude this: just when we felt like we'd hit rock bottom in NJ, this seemingly perfect job appeared for Rob in Kentucky. We weren't sure how it was going to work, but we took a leap of faith and uprooted our family to Murray, 16.5 hours from everybody we loved. We end up finding an incredible church community, a wonderful preschool for Bobby, people willing to help us get to know the area, volunteer projects to help those in need, and meaningful and worthwhile employment for Rob. With no major snags (knock on wood)...could this be a sign that moving here, although uncertain and a little scary in the beginning, was really the right thing to do?? I think it's safe to assume it was. :)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

"Mama, was I adopted?"

I swear one day my youngest will ask if he was adopted. And you know what? He'll have good reason for asking! My oldest has the same medium brown hair and hazel eyes as my husband and I and similar personality characteristics to us as well. My youngest...not so much. In the past whenever people told me their kids were like night and day, I used to chuckle but it never really meant anything until I had my two boys. Night and day....such an understatement!!!! I honestly think the only commonality between my sons is their Y chromosome.

Let's see....


-dark hair, dark eyes -blonde hair, blue eyes
-creamy olive complexion -extremely fair complexion
-slow to warm up -jumps excitedly into situations
-cautious and careful -no fear
-serious demeanor -always smiling
-hugs but then enough is enough -can't get enough snuggling
-sleeps well -requires very little sleep
-eats well but has his preferences -will eat anything
-doesn't mind playing alone at times -always looking for company
-thrives on routine -doesn't seem to mind change
-is embarrassed by too much attention -completely hams it up

They are still very young but I've heard over and over that the personality you are born with sticks with you into adulthood. I'm sure my kids will find this blog entry someday and have a good laugh but for now, only time will tell. :)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Time To Fly Away, Helicopter Mom...

I am sitting here eating leftover birthday cake out of the pan. And I can't stop! There is laundry to fold, dishes to clean, floors to vacuum, phone calls to return, and a hundred other chores on my never-ending To Do list. But I am useless as far as any of that goes.

My baby is going off to preschool tomorrow.

This is the boy who has never left my side except for a brief stint while I was in the hospital giving birth to his brother. He's never been in day care. He's never spent the weekend at Grammy's house alone. Hell, he's never spent the night anywhere without us, forget an entire weekend. He'll be somewhere new and different without his favorite blankets, comforting stuffed animals, or Mom. His book bag is all packed and ready to go by the front door. His folder full of signed papers is sitting next to it. We've done the "meet and greet" with his teacher. I've attended orientation. So why in the world am I such a basket case??? Somehow I have a feeling that 7:30-11:00 tomorrow morning will be the most never-wracking three and a half hours of my life.

The butterflies thrashing around in my stomach are worse right now than during any job interview I've ever had. Worse than leaving to study abroad for four months. Worse than walking into the room to take my Comps for graduate school. Worse than the night before my wedding. Worse than the hours leading up to having a baby. Worse than packing up my life and moving to another state. Worse than boarding a plane with two small children and two loud cats. Worse than anything I can remember. Utter craziness.

It has to be because I know the ball is no longer my my court. I have done all I can do to prepare my little boy to go out and experience something apart from me. He's excited, anxious, and intrigued all at once. I am doing my best to put on a brave face for him. I will make sure not to completely lose it until I get back in the car.

I just hope they don't call me back for something...