Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Lessons Learned in Murray, KY

Renting a house isn't so bad. Sure, you can't do everything you'd like to it, but you can still make it a home. :)

My family isn't hooked on TV. It took a week for the cable guys to come and we were just fine.

Check the weather before deciding to put makeup on. If it's over 90 degrees (which it is every day during the summer), your mascara, foundation, powder, lipstick, and anything else you use will literally melt off your face on your walk from the house to the car.

There aren't a lot of huge chain stores such as Target, Kohl's, Old Navy, etc but the small, "mom and pop" type stores will win your heart immediately.

In the beginning, moving is harder on the ones being left behind than it is on the ones moving away.

It IS possible to unpack an entire house in a week with two small children getting into everything.

The Chamber of Commerce in a new city has all the answers.

I had never experienced a real thunderstorm until last week. Holy $&%^#!!!!!

I am losing weight because I have been on the It's-Too-Damn-Hot-To-Eat diet. But I can't get enough liquid.

Roman Catholics are in the minority here but it sure made choosing a church easy (one RC church in the entire county).

It takes children a while to adjust their sleeping patterns when you change time zones, even if only one time zone over.

People on the East Coast really are rude and unfriendly when compared to the South and Midwest.

"Four", "Ten", and "Well" have two syllables. "Ha, higher ya'll?" translates into "Hi, how are you?" The word "Ryan" has one syllable.

Get up and out early to beat the heat, the bugs, and the rain. But there's never any traffic so no worries there.

People talk on their cell phones while driving. They don't wear seatbelts. Hell, they don't even sit in seats. It's commonplace to see a guy sitting in the back of a pickup truck, bumping along the road with his beer.

Card catalogs still exist in libraries...and typewriters too.

Life is too short for fancy shmancy. Kids are perfectly content with playgrounds and bowling allies. Who needs a huge house that doesn't feel "lived in"?? The people here would give you the shirt off their back if you needed it, no questions asked. It's simple, honest, good country livin'.

It's certainly God's country and everyone here knows it...and believes in Him. :)

All these lessons in just one week!!! Gotta love the exciting adventure...and it's only the beginning.

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