Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Who Suffers Most from Anthony Wiener's Indiscretion?

Surely, everyone knows by now what the indiscretion is. If you don't, yet you read this blog? We are honored.

Who has the congressman negatively affected the most? Do I smell a Top 10 list? Oh, yes I do. (Don't worry, in the end, this isn't a political post.)

10. The congressman himself. Let him suffer; he deserves it.

9. The ex-porn star who took it upon herself to make public statements with Gloria Allred nearby. She didn't welcome his messages and, woe is she, couldn't avoid them.

8. The Republicans who on Day 1 called for his resignation. Your shrillness was expected and unnecessary.

7. The Democrats who did not call for his resignation. Your silence endorses his behavior.

6. The American people who have to suffer through this circus and have their attention distracted from real issues. Together with Casey Anthony's trial, let's eat some cake, shall we?

5. Donors to Wiener's campaign spent their money as unwisely as Wiener's actions were.

4. Sheri Wiener, the unlucky candidate for Bellvue's Metro Council. Despite having no relation, the negative name recognition has resulted in her campaign signs being removed or damaged.

3. Anyone who has been subjected to other people using the ridiculous term "sext" and its various conjugations.

2. His wife who was travelling and attempting to do government business while overseas. "Surprise, honey, I'm adulterous in very disturbing ways."

1. There is one as yet unborn person set to grow up, attend school, and attempt to have a social life as a teen who will have a father who was busted for texting his genitalia to women other than his wife, his or her mother. Good luck, lil one. Stay sane.

See? Not a political post, but one that observes a real-life moral tale, that we as parents and someday-parents-to-be must view our contemplated actions through the prism of history and try to see how it will affect relationships far beyond our current situations and the people with whom we currently communicate on a regular basis. Especially when these actions occur online, a true permanent record can be created and filed away somewhere up in the cloud. In a way, it's ancient wisdom: what goes up, must come down. You put something questionable up in the cloud, beware of the rainstorm that will follow.

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