Friday, April 1, 2011

Breaking the Silence

Kudos to Chanel for continuing to contribute to this online repository of our parenting experiences through the last several weeks. As you know, I have been unemployed for the last several weeks and attribute my silence to concentrating all of my efforts on my job search. Still, at the time I was let go, I was two weeks delinquent on writing anything for our dear readers' amusement and enjoyment.

We are amusing at times, aren't we?

Being unemployed has been one of the toughest challenges for me in my adult life. I have always worked. There have been times when I worked two jobs. I worked through many years of college.

In our family unit, I work and make the money while Chanel stays home and raises the children. Not being able to hold up my end of the bargain is extraordinarily difficult. Chanel cannot effectively do her job with my inability to do mine: there can be no trips to museums, indoor play areas, zoos (granted the weather isn't right for that yet), nothing that costs admission because what money we have must go to food and other essentials.

A conclusion we have come to regarding my next job is that we are ready to move. We've looked at the job listings in our area and doing what I want and am able to do simply does not allow us to provide the lifestyles to our kids that we have always wanted to give them. This area is just too expensive and when similar positions pay equivalent salaries in areas of the country that have a considerably lower cost of living, you really have to ask yourself what's keeping you in the area. For us, it's always been family but the scale between family and everything else has started to tip. Check out the CNN Relocation Calculator and see what you would need to make elsewhere in the country to live comparably to where you are now. It's mind blowing. Housing costs are 54% less in Nashville, TN than they are in our area, yet a job listing there will show a similar salary to an identical job here in NJ. Granted the data is as of March 2010, but I doubt it's changed much.

I'll be traveling to Atlanta next week for an interview at a small company there. Same number of people, actually, as my last employer, pretty much, but their revenues are eight times higher. If I get the job, I'll be doing essentially the same job I had with different chemicals, have people reporting to me, and have the support infrastructure-wise that was always missing at my last job.

Hopefully soon I'll also hear back from a company in Kentucky that I phone interviewed with recently. Then there's the recruiter trying to get me in the door for a plant in southwest West Virginia or St. Louis, MO. All told, the job search is going better now than it has in the last several weeks. It's only a matter of time before something hits.

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  1. Smiling as I read this b/c our situation now is 100 times better now than when you wrote it. :)