Sunday, March 27, 2011

Our Holding Pattern

Seems like life has been on hold for awhile, for better or worse. Obviously the worse being no income and all the stress that comes with that. Positives, however, include Rob having some extra time to spend with the kids. They think the world of their daddy and I'm so happy he is able to give them a little extra attention. It's always been me who's been able to experience all of the kids' "firsts" but now Rob is part of it too. Something to be said for that. :)

Nearly every day Rob is getting calls from a few different recruiters. He's got prospects in GA, KY, and WV at the moment. The Savannah position fell through- the company wanted someone with more experience handling a larger quantity of products...or something like that. More experience was all I really understood. The part that kills me is they knew about Rob's experience before they flew him down!!! Why waste all that time, energy, and money? Oh well, I guess it wasn't meant to be. The other GA position is in Atlanta. We'll see what comes of that.

I am not sure if or how to proceed with preschool for our almost-3-year-old. I have a few preschools that I'd like to check out in the next few weeks. A perk to being part of so many playgroups is that I hear all the gossip about all of the local schools. And these moms don't beat around the bush! So I have to make appointments to meet the directors and tour the schools...but then what if we move???? On the flip side, what if I don't research the schools and then we end up staying? I need to have a school lined up just in case, right? Ahhhh....preschool already. Crazy to think how quickly time flies. Preschool costs money and that's something we don't have a whole hell of a lot of right now. I can't think about that, though. I have to think positively and assume that Rob will be employed by the time the school year begins...

Tomorrow we have an appointment with the state to find out if we qualify for food stamps, WIC checks, etc. I know everyone pays into these funds but no one ever thinks they'll actually need the assistance. Ugh. I can't see how we wouldn't qualify. I keep thinking I can go back to teaching and we'll be ok for a while...but then I remember that my entire paycheck would go right to daycare. Plus I'm still nursing the baby. Who's going to do that in my place? At 8 months old, he altogether refuses a bottle. He knows where the good stuff comes from. ;)

So that's our holding pattern for now. We wait and we pray. Gotta be patient. Something will happen soon. I know God doesn't give us more than we can handle...sometimes I just wish He didn't trust us so much! ;)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Pondering a Potential Move

Ever since Rob lost his job three weeks ago, our life has undergone some major changes. For instance, instead of buying groceries, household goods, and cosmetics without any thought, I am forced to ask myself, "Do we really NEED this?" I find that we don't actually need half of the stuff we buy. It's amazing how much a family can forgo when push comes to shove.

Rob was pretty miserable for the first two weeks of unemployment. His new full-time job was searching for a job, and he locked himself our basement office all day, every day. He applied everywhere, knowing that if we were open to relocation, he might have a better chance at being hired. Even though I told Rob I would move if we had to, in the back on my mind, I didn't think we would really need to worry about that. After all, he could definitely get something in NJ...right?

Then a recruiter from Georgia called. GEORGIA???!!! What?? My only familiarity with Georgia is a few rest stops on my way to Florida. Maybe a Burger King or two. Could we actually live there? Rob has lived in NJ for most of his life and I've been here since I was 15. We are used to the fast-paced lifestyle of the Northeast. We would probably stick out like sore thumbs in Georgia. Then again...with the way the economy is today, what if this is the only job offer Rob gets? We wouldn't have a choice...

Before I get ahead of myself, I must remember that Rob has not been offered the job yet. He is going down for an interview on Monday and will be there overnight and into Tuesday. There are a million thoughts swirling through my head. What if they really like him? What if he falls in love with the area? We've heard the Savannah area is beautiful. What if the prices are as reasonable as everyone says they are? What if the climate is better? What if they make him an offer he simply cannot refuse? We need to be prepared with an answer.

Yes, I am thinking positively. When both husband and wife are unemployed, the only way to go is up. Things can only get better. In typical "Chanel" fashion, I have come up with a Pro/Con list for moving to Georgia. There are only two cons, but one of them is pretty darn big...


  • A chance to start over, make new friends, explore a new area, etc...
  • Lower cost of living, which means we might actually be able to afford a single family house with a yard and (gulp), a pool!!! Goodbye, townhouse!
  • Free preschool for kids ages 4 and 5
  • No more harsh winters
  • A chance to live in a beautiful, historic area
  • The company has room for growth (Rob won't be stuck in the same position forever)
  • My parents want to retire to that area in 5-10 years
  • We would be able to get out of NJ, one of the most expensive states in the nation. We would have lower property taxes and lower insurance rates. We might actually have some money in the bank!

  • Really humid summers....yuck!
  • So. Far. Away. From. My. Family. I am sick thinking about it. It would be at least a 14 hour drive or a plane ticket. My kids wouldn't be able to grow up with their cousins. They wouldn't have grandparents nearby. I have never been away from my family. So...even though there aren't many cons, this one is HUGE. Ugh.
What to do? What to do? Well, nothing, for now. I have to sit and wait until next week when Rob has the interview. Waiting is truly the hardest part!!! Please wish us luck...