Monday, September 13, 2010

Bath Time Bloopers

Our oldest enjoys bath time. He just about always has. Occasionally (meaning pretty much always), there's something about the experience to tell.

Getting him to want to go upstairs and leave his toys behind is the first challenge, but easily achieved with a threat that "Daddy's going to win!" He'll drop whatever he's doing at that moment to barrel past me and scramble up the stairs just ahead of me. A competitive spirit he will not lack.

I sit on the edge of the tub and start to draw the bath while he occupies himself, usually with climbing on the toilet or dropping bath toys into the tub as the suds level climbs. "Arms up! Pants down!" The diaper comes off and he's plopped onto the Lightning McQueen toilet training seat for a pre-bath pee.

After lifting him into the tub, there are a few ground rules:

  1. No pouring water onto the edge of the tub (where I keep a towel, just in case) or outside the tub.
  2. No splashing Daddy's clothes wet.
  3. No drinking bath water.
Other than that, it's free play! What ends up happening is the towel gets just a little wet as he pushes his limit, Daddy's arm gets water poured on it as he gleefully tells me that he's getting my arm wet ("Not Daddy's clothes wet"), and he slurps water off any surface of the bath toys that he can.

Ah, to be 2 again.

What was memorable about tonight came after all the bubbles had popped and he was on the potty for the post-bath pee. I had the towel (a different one from the small one that sits on the edge of the tub for the duration of the bath) wrapped around him to dry him off. We always remind him to "poke it down" past the splash guard, but when his vision is blocked by the towel, it's difficult to fault him when a stream shoots through the parting of the towel and leaves a streak on my shirt.

Then we had our conversation while getting dressed:
"Doggy pants!"
"Yes, you have dogs on your pajama pants."
"I could be a dog for Halloween."
"That's a great idea; you could be a dog for Halloween! You can have ears and a tail..." He loves pointing out tails on other animals and we've been trying to figure out what he should be...this could be perfect!
"But I already have ears."
"Yes, you already have ears, but I meant you could have floppy ears like a dog. And you'd have a tail! Doesn't that sound good?"

He's definitely my son.

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